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Rolla's Jeans

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Rolla's is a global denim brand that embodies the laid back personality, casual confidence and love of classic jeans from where it was born - Australia. Rolla's is all about keeping it simple and classic. Cleans lines and classic details which include our signature back pocket stitching and vintage inspired washed with ultimate fit and style.

Sustainability Efforts

Throughout Rolla’s ranges, they choose to adopt a large percentage of Australian Cotton. Australian cotton is the most water-use efficient cotton in the world, with yields three times the world average. Australian grown cotton  has continued to demonstrate improvement when it comes to water use over the past 15 years. With a 40% increase in water productivity over that time and a reduction in the use of pesticides by 90%, Rolla’s are committed to ensuring we support more Australian cotton.

Since Rolla’s began, their in-store carry bags have been made from paper and currently, they are actively looking into reducing the amount of poly bags their products are shipped in as well as assessing more environmental alternatives to plastic.

All animal-sourced materials must be by-products of the food industry. Rolla’s do not use real fur, exotic skins or hair from the angora rabbit in our products.

Rolla’s Jeans work directly with Save the Children, Australia’s largest aid and development agency dedicated to helping children, by donating samples and cancelled styles in wearable condition. They also proudly donate denim offcuts and samples, partner with and support The Social Studio in Collingwood, Melbourne. A fashion enterprise that champions the values of diversity, community, education and environmentally sustainable design by working with and for young people from new migrant and refugee communities. Additionally Rolla’s have sent denim waste to Textile Recyclers Australia who use this to make furnishings and furnishing stuffing as well as re-purpose textiles into new yarn.

In their Head Office, Rolla’s know that every small step counts and have implemented some environmentally friendly changes such as: Implementing recycling of all soft plastics and recyclables, switching all light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs and using compostable mailer bags for any items shipped from Head Office

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