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Mavi Jeans Australia

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Incorporated in Istanbul in 1991, Mavi is globally recognized as a highly successful lifestyle brand. With strong denim roots, Mavi has evolved into an international apparel and accessories brand, building its success on products of superior quality and perfect fit, with 7.5 million units sold globally in 2016 via c. 5,500 POS and in 392 mono-brand stores globally. Mavi currently sells in 35 different countries and its distribution platform includes flagship stores in New York, Vancouver and Berlin. The company’s products are positioned between the upper end of the ‘core’ and the ‘premium’ section of the jeans market, with the ability to offer premium products.

Sustainability Efforts

Mavi and its manufacturing partners have implemented new forms of technology to reduce the amount of water consumed during the denim washing process. Their drop-washing process allows a product to be manufactured using a single glass of water, saving both chemicals and precious water. Improvements in Ozone technology mean that some denim does not need to be washed at all saving chemicals, water and power, and allowing similar effects to be achieved on denim that would have otherwise required the “Denim Bleach” process.

Mavi have reduced their energy consumption by 28% and all indoor lighting has been converted to energy saving LED across their production facilities.

Mavi use three main sustainable fabric mills: ISKO, ORTA and LENZING. 100% recycled materials are used for all branding and swing labels at Mavi and 100% of their jeans are vegan friendly. Mavi uses recycled fibers obtained from waste materials and used products and turns them into new denim fabrics. By using recycled cotton, Mavi is reducing the amount of natural resources used and the pollution caused from agriculture.

In conjunction with fabric mill ORTA, Mavi joined the mission to protect endangered sea turtles by supporting the EKAD Indigo Turtles project. Mavi helps to actively safeguard 15,000 hatchlings and allow them to reach the sea safely each year. They do this by ensuring their employees join hundreds of volunteers in Turkey and also by producing Indigo Turtle themed T-shirts- donating the proceeds. One T-shirt saves about 10 turtles and makes a contribution to help the ecosystem of the Mediterranean basin.

Mavi does not collaborate with parties that harm the environment or public health or breach human rights or labour law.

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